Wednesday, February 13, 2008

one leaded glass door, 72 days

Since the middle of September everyday I think of it I snap a photo of my front door. You can see a slide show of my efforts on the right hand side. All the glass in the door is clear, handblown glass. As you can see depending on what is going on behind the glass, the glass is ever changing. I've had clients call and ask for the 'green' door when they are really looking at a photo that was taken in the spring time.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Restoration work

Somewhere south of Michigan. This is an annual pilgrimage I make every January to help my father on an ongoing restoration project at the chapel. We spend about 10 days removing a window. The window goes back to my father's studio in Reston, Virginia where it gets completely rebuilt. In August we reconvene at the chapel to reinstall the window. 

Here is an outside view of the clearstory windows. 

This is Jacob, the window we took out. There are 27 panels in the 3 lancets. If you can make out the dark horizontal lines they are 'T' bars holding up the individual panels. Each panel will get completely disassembled, cleaned and  rebuilt. 

The scaffold from the inside.

My grinning mug taking out the top pieces in the tracery.